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Long & short term storage without the worry

In the belief that the benefits will appeal to the discerning customer, Turners have a superior storage system which is available.

With this system, the contents of a home are loaded at the customer’s residence into large containers carried inside specially constructed vehicles. The goods are then not be handled again until the contents are delivered to the new home. Compared with the traditional methods generally employed, the system offers numerous advantages:

Exterior Dimensions: 8’0″ high x 7’2″ long x 5’2″ wide

Internal Dimensions: 7’2″ high x 7’0″ long x 5’0″ wide

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Damage Prevention

The elimination of several handling processes greatly reduces the risk of damages.


Whilst goods are in containers they cannot be mislaid.


At Turners Removals, we understand the importance of storing your belongings in a safe and secure location.

Whether long or short term storage is needed, a list of contents will be made as it is packed (if required) and the container will then be completely closed and sealed.


The container keeps contents separate from the property of any other customer.


The containers will keep out dust and protect fabrics.


Whatever your storage needs are, we have a solution to ensure your storage is suitable for your home or business requirements and complement your removal timelines.

We are a warm and friendly company and encourage us to sit down in person with a cup of tea to talk through what you need.

Please get in in touch however best suits you to discuss how we can help you take the worry out of your home or business storage needs.

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