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Preparing For A House Move

Preparing for a House Move

A couple of months before

One of the first things to do when preparing for a house move is to make sure that you’ve booked enough time off around the time you’re planning to move. Moving house involves more than transferring boxes from one place to another, you’ll need time to arrange for the transfer of medical records, any through-the-mail services, ensuring that the gas, electricity and internet are working properly.

Additionally, it’s always a great idea to go through the items you’re planning to pack and be sure if you still want to keep them. Living in one place for years can lead to some unintentional hoarding. You can donate, gift or sell anything you don’t want to keep – this will help declutter your house before moving.

Around a month before

Around 6 weeks before

Have a confirmed moving date, ensure that all relevant parties are informed (lawyers, buyers and sellers, removal companies). By this time you should contact some removals companies. When doing, find one that suits your needs the best – e.g. do you require moving large/heavy items or expensive items. One thing to make sure is if they are regulated and have the correct insurance cover and are BAR accredited (the BAR accreditation governs the removals industry). Choosing a BAR accredited company will give you the peace of mind of knowing you’re in good hands.

Around 4 weeks before

You’ll need to start collecting boxes and newspapers. Additionally, you’ll likely want your phone and internet connections to be operational as soon as possible – so make sure to book that in with your providers as it can take up to 4 weeks to set up a new account.

Begin clearing out areas like the loft around this time and plan out how larger items such as fridges, sofas, wardrobes etc will be moved, are you able to do it yourself you will you need specialist help? Also begin packing non-essential items such as books, lamps, kitchenware, memorabilia etc. and most importantly collect and organise all important documentation such as government documents, birth certificates, passports etc. as the last thing you’d want is to lose these items in the shuffle.

Around 2 weeks before

Double-check with your moving company has all the information they need and are confirmed to be arriving at the correct time. Moving can be a complicated process, and often simple steps can be overlooked and forgotten. So ensure that you have an airtight schedule, and if you notice anything you missed, update the removals company. Additionally, start packing items from less-used rooms, but also make sure that the boxes are light enough to carry around.

A few days before

At this point, you should clear all outstanding bills. Make sure your new phone and internet connection is going to be installed the day you move in. Also, cancel any mail subscriptions and begin defrosting the freezer. Pack any valuable and important items like jewellery, personal electronics, documents, memorabilia etc. separately to be taken with you.

The day before

Do some final checks of the property. Ensure you have keys to the new house and have some refreshments ready for the family and removals team. All plumbed items like washing machines or dishwashers, and larger electrical items like fridges or TVs need to be disconnected.


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