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Tips For Moving Day With Your Dog

Tips for Moving day with your Dog

Moving house has a lot of elements to consider, moving house with pets can add an extra layer of consideration that can sometimes be overlooked. We wanted to take a moment to consider 5 key points to think about when moving home with your dog. Dogs are a lot like children, they can be more sensitive to the change of environment than most adults which can make them emotional and anxious. Here are our tips for customers that are relocating with dogs.

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  1. Consider Kennels – Kennels split opinion within the dog community but fundamentally a good kennel will be run by owners that invariably love dogs and will take good care of them. A key advantage is that your dog will be less anxious when you pack things and move boxes around. It will also free up the worry on moving day as your home will be busy and escapes are very possible for a dog that is anxious around strangers.
  2. Use Self Storage to Create Space – If kennels are not right for you or your dog, another option to consider is to create more space at home. Using self-storage to store larger items or things you are unlikely to use in the near future is a great way of making space and limiting the sudden upheaval of moving days. This will also make a big difference for your dog to move around without getting in the way of packing or moving furniture.
  3. Plan the Moving Day – You need to fully consider what you plan to do with your dog on moving day. However, you choose to relocate your dog you will need to consider any special transportation equipment. If your dog is a little smaller you can get a protective carrier to ensure they are well-protected. Larger breeds will need to go into a cage or seat harness. Don’t forget to plan your journey with consideration for rest stops where you can walk and feed them.
  4. Visit the Vet – Before you move, it is a good idea to have your dog checked over and ensure all vaccinations are up to date. When you move to your new location there may be a waiting list with the local vets and you want to ensure you give yourself time to find a vet that is right for you. Your vet will also have advice for moving house with your dog and how to keep them calm during the whole process.
  5. Talk to your removal company – When choosing your removal company, make sure to talk about your dog on any other household pets. They should be able to share their experience and help with choosing the best solution for your dog. In many cases, they may also have a solution that you may not be aware of.

If you are planning to move home and need to consider family pets we can help. We will ensure that the best solution is considered and every member of your family, however hairy will be considered. Please get in touch with us here or call +44 (0) 1403 263 284 to talk through what you need.

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