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Moving In The Autumn And Winter Months

Moving in the autumn and winter months

With us now in autumn and winter cold months approaching it’s important to remember all the major steps when moving in these upcoming months.

Winter especially can be the hardest time to move. It’s highly recommended to use a specialist removals firm to ensure that you, your belongings and your move all go smoothly. There are some extra steps that you must think about when moving in winter, let’s have a look at them.

Moving in the autumn and winter months extra steps:

Flexibility – You need to be able to be very open when it comes to moving during the colder months. Due to weather, it can sometimes be near to impossible to move in with warning level weather. Which includes storms, hail and of course snow. It is advised that not only do you have the day that you officially want to move. But also have some flexible days following on from this day in case the original date has to be slightly postponed. Make sure you keep an eye on the weather forecast from a month prior. If possible because if you notice any changes to the weather you can request to move your dates. The earlier the removals firm company know the better.

Safe Environment – in autumn and winter, it is a completely different move compared to spring and summer. The pathways may be icier or even blocked by snow. It is your responsibility to ensure that they are clear and safe for the removals firm to be able to complete their job with no injuries.

Packing ahead of time – It’s best that during these colder months you start to pack your belongings as soon as possible. Because of unforeseen delays that may occur it’s best to be ready in advance of your move.

New Home – Just as you did with your old house make sure that your new place is ready and safe. Ensure that it is ready to be moved into and there will be no safety risk that may affect the removals firm team.

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