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5 Moving Home Tips With A Removals Firm Company

5 Moving Home Tips with a Removals Firm Company

Time to move home?

During these times, as the UK get back into working life, more and more people will find themselves ready to move home. Maybe they got a new job, bigger family or just need a change after being in multiple lockdowns. These moving home tips could make moving much simpler for you. Including a PDF checklist with more than enough points for you to check off along the way. Here are some top moving home tips using a reliable removals firm.

1: Company with a Good Reputation

Probably the easiest approach to ensure you pick a good removals organization that is not just a respectable one but also have a solid reputation. Choosing an organization with an address and landline phone number for a start guarantees you have an approach to contact them in case of something turns out badly or goes wrong on or around the day of moving. Companys without this clear information could leave you high and dry with nowhere to go if you get into any sort of trouble especially as you will have lots of hurdles while moving home.

2: Get a Quote

Finding the right company is one thing but getting a quote from them will give you a better idea of how much you should expect to pay – although the least expensive organization might not necessarily be the most beneficial for you.

3: Saftey First

During these times it is especially important to find a company that will put you, your household, your furniture and their own team’s safety at the top of the priority. You must think about if it’s safe to say that they are satisfying the fundamental wellbeing and security protocols in place for the current pandemic. For more information on the safety around moving home CLICK HERE.

4: Client Testimonials & Reviews

One of the most ideal approaches to measuring how great any organization is. Is to discover what their clients think. Prior to booking your slot with them check to see how previous clients reviewed their work.

5: Accreditation

An extraordinary method to decide how reliable your removals firm are is to check their accreditations. Most capable company organizations will be certified and checked by various industry associations, including BAR (the British Association of Removers). Which us, here at Turners Removals, we are.


Of course, everyone is different but here is a simple moving home tips checklist that can help you along the way to a smoother house move.

Download: Moving house checklist pdf.


With just these 5 simple moving house tips you should be able to comfortably find the right removals company for your needs. Here at Turners Removals, we want you to know that even though moving from your home or office can be complex and daunting we will support you all the way. Check out our range of packing, storage and removals HERE.

Making sure to follow all social distancing rule check the updates to the guidelines HERE.

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