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The Safety Of Moving Home During A Pandemic With The Right Removals Firm

The Safety of Moving Home During a Pandemic with the Right Removals Firm

Moving home during a pandemic? No worries Here is all the information you need to do it safely and securely.

Even though things won’t be normal for a while to ensure that moving home and related activities, such as viewing a property, can happen safely, we can follow some government guidelines to help you do it safely.

Tips on how to move safely with a removals firm:

  • Contacting the household in advance of the move to check that no one has any symptoms of coronavirus showing. In the case that anyone is then any work will have to be delayed.
  • Households should clean any items they want to be moved with bacterial wipes before the moving company come into the property and to keep a solid airflow through the process keep any windows and internal open.
  • If at any point someone, whether it be on the removal firms team or the household gets any mild symptoms of the virus, no more work should be carried out by them.
  • We suggest that you abandon your property while viewings are occurring to limit unnecessary contact.
  • Anybody engaged with any part of the home-moving cycle should rehearse social distancing in accordance with general guidance advice.
  • The removal firm will wash their hands, apply anti-bacterial gel and use separate towels to dry their hands to keep any spread of the virus on the furniture.
  • Removers should look to limit close contact with property holders and, where possible, stay 2 meters from householders consistently.
  • Removers should implement a Pair system this will ensure that the same people work together especially when moving bulky items and furniture.
  • While moving between properties, you and those in your family should attempt to do a large part of the packing yourself where possible. If this might not be possible speak to the removals firm beforehand and something can be arranged for you.
  • Assuming you might be stressed over the danger of cross-contamination, address your property manager or removers as they might have the option to set up extra careful steps.

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More information and government guidance can be found here: Government advice on home moving during the coronavirus.



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