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Turners Removals – Where It All Began

Turners Removals – Where it all Began

With his gratuity from the from the first world war, Ernest Turner started Turners Transport at 98 Lower Addiscombe Road, Croydon. Ernest Turner was first elected a Croydon Councillor in 1926 and held office as mayor in 1948.

Turners became a limited company in about 1920. During the next two decades the business grew and diversified into car hire, motor engineering and car radio as well as furniture removal. By the late thirties they were the main agent for Singer Cars.

During the second world war the premises was firebombed and suffered extensive damage by a Doogle Bug flying bomb.

In 1942 Bannisters (Croydon) Ltd. Who were radio and electrical engineers, were taken over. It Continued to trade under the Bannisters name until 1954 when the whole operation was moved to 95 Windmill Road except for the garage business which was taken over by L.F. Doves. At this stage the firm changed its name to Turner (Croydon) Ltd. The radio side was renamed Turners Car Radio.

After the war the premises at Lower Addiscombe Road was rebuilt. The new building was opened on 2nd October 1950.

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